Our goal is to provide the highest quality EAP services that are closely integrated with the client company’s insurance or managed care plan. Our philosophy regarding what can be done to insure the highest quality EAP for our client companies focuses on five issues. First, we believe we can be more successful by targeting a limited geographic area on which to concentrate services. Except for providing necessary EAP services to sales/service divisions of some of larger clients that have employees through­out the country, our commitment has been focused on Florida.

Second, since the EAP plays such a crucial role in assessing, treating, and/or refer­ring individuals who could have very complex or serious concerns, there should be significant involvement by doctoral level profes­sionals for the more serious problems that surface through the EAP. Having doctoral level professionals also enhances the credibility and acceptance of the program by upper level manage­ment and professionals within an organization. 

Third, there should be continuity of care between the EAP and the health insurance system whenever possible. Individuals seeking help for personal problems do not like to switch to another professional after a few ses­sions with the EAP counselor. This can be disruptive to any therapeutic process which starts with the first session. Allowing those using the EAP the option of continuing with their EAP counselor after their allotted free sessions not only allows for continuity of care, it also is likely to provide two other bene­fits. The benefit to the client companies is that they are likely to average more “free sessions” for their employees since those staying with the EAP counselor would have to use the maxi­mum number of EAP sessions prior to ever using insurance. The second benefit is for those employees who have relatively serious problems. Continuity of care maximizes their potential benefit by combining their EAP sessions with their insurance coverage.  

The fourth issue is that EAPs need to be “broad brush” programs that are not only able to deal with chemical dependency and/or psychiatric problems, but also be able to treat the host of other problems that are likely to be more prevalent such as marital/family conflicts, child/adolescent problems, various emotional/behavior problems, and work-life issues.

Finally, our philosophy emphasizes flexibility to adapt to the ever-changing situations and needs of our client companies. This philosophy has helped us continue to be a leader within the Florida EAP community.